Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about LA Fashion Week.

Who produces LA Fashion Week?
A variety of independent producers.

What is LA Fashion Week?
LA Fashion Week is time of year when a number of international fashion collections — many of them from the West Coast — are presented to buyers, media and the public. Shows are created by various independent producers located throughout the city.

When is it?
March and October. It comes about a month after the beginning of New York Fashion Week, and directly follows Paris Fashion Week.

How do I attend / register?
See registration information.

Calendar of events?
See the LA Fashion Week calendar.

Questions about parking / invitations.
Please contact the producer of the show you’re attending.

Yes and no. Shows marked in green on the LAFW calendar are open to the public. Ones in orange are “industry only”.

Designer application?
Read this guide for designers.

Read this guide to modeling during LA Fashion Week.

Work / volunteer?
See our guide to volunteering or working at LA Fashion Week.

Submit event or photos?
Please submit here.

Sponsorship / promotion?
If you’re interested in sponsorship opportunities during LA Fashion Week, email sponsorship (at) You can also contact individual show producers.

Help – I was invited to participate in LAFW and I’m not sure if it’s legit.
Here are some general rules of thumb:

Ask where the show will be held. Is it in a theatre? Large club? Warehouse? Restaurant? Dive bar? What part of town will it be held? Check the venue online and see if it’s something that looks right for you.

Do your homework. Does the producer have a history of good, prior shows? Check their website and Facebook. See if they have fans and a solid history, backed up with press and photos. When in doubt, ask questions.

How much are YOU paying to showcase or attend? Are you paying for your own flight and hotel accommodations, to model or “showcase” in a dive bar? Get all the facts and weigh the cost versus benefit.

Learn about modeling scams. No need to fret. We’re just saying to exercise reasonable caution. We recommend thisĀ guide to fashion-related scams.

Well, that’s about it. Good luck!

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March 18 - 25, 2015

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