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That's what you're saying when you have gobs of so-so images and no way of profiting from them. I feel ya...It sucks! Don't trip. This is where I come in. I PROVIDE WICKED GREAT CONTENT FOR ALL YOUR MEDIA OUTLETS. Yes, I just said "wicked great" and no, I'm not from Boston. I AM confident as f***ck that you will love my work and so will your followers! My offer is for EVERYONE WHO MAKES $$ FROM THEIR IMAGES. "Ok, ok, I get it. You're my guy and I can't wait to hire you. What do I do next?" I'm glad you asked!

I'll be covering events throughout LAFW 2018 and will happily add you to my list. Send me an email with your media requests and we can talk $$.

I got you!

Pete Hopkins | Content Creator & Photographer
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