Important Safety Information

Remember to always exercise caution when posting, or responding to anything!

  • Don’t give out personal information (email, phone, address) in the post! (Replies will go to you automatically.)
  • When meeting someone, bring a chaperone.

Learn About The Event

  • IMPORTANT: A show held “during” fashion week is not necessarily the same thing as a major event.
  • A show doesn’t have to be large to be a great opportunity. But do your homework.
  • Is the show being held in a museum, or a dive bar?
  • Is it an established promoter, or someone with no history?
  • Do they have a LinkedIn? Credible-looking Facebook and Twitter?
  • Professional, (mostly) typo-free website?
  • Find out about the promoter and venue. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Otherwise, HAVE FUN!