Which designers show at LA Fashion Week?

Which designers show at LA Fashion Week?

Los Angeles Fashion Week is approaching, so you will most likely want to know what designers are coming this year. Believe it or not, there are tons of amazing, dedicated designers that are ready to showcase all their latest stuff right now. And yes, the LAFW is here to host all of them so that you will be very happy with the results listed here. That being said, here are some of the best designers that you can expect at the LA fashion week.


NOE BERNACELLI has one of the most impressive styles out there, and it delivers a distinct approach when compared to other designers. He has a true focus on the human body and its beauty, but at the same time, he doesn’t sell short anything else. That means he has a huge attention to detail which makes him stand out of the crowd.


RINDA SALMUN’s approach is a rather challenging one, but she always likes to experiment with materials and new stuff. That makes her one of the favorites for the LAFW visitors, as you never really know what you get from her!


ASAVA GROUP brings the amazing quality and value that you can rarely find anywhere else. The unique blend of colors and distinct quality makes the ASAVA GROUP one of the favorites for just about everyone that wants to visit the LAFW.


GEORGE STYLER is known for the fact that he likes to add a lot of color into the mix. His unique combination of embroidery, colors, textures and yarns is what makes him stand out of the crowd.


ISSUE THAILAND is a designer brand that focuses on everyday beauty and practicality. The value that you can obtain here is great, since you can have lots of colors and still look great with their unique and one of a kind designs.


MARKETA HAKKINEN has a very interesting approach when it comes to the way she creates stuff. The great color palette she uses and the fact that she has a true attention to elegance makes her stand out quite a lot. There’s certainly a ton of value with her designs, even if she does tend to come with some more traditional designs.


LOTUZ is always focused on experimentation, and that makes her one of the most interesting Los Angeles fashion week designers out there. She always focuses on using a plethora of color variations. That being said, she is known to impress at the larger events like this!

One thing is certain; LA Fashion Week is indeed going to bring in front some amazing designs. And these are only some of the very best designers that you can find on the market right now. So yes, there’s a huge value to be had in here, and you will certainly appreciate the hard work and value offered by these designers. Don’t hesitate and check out their offer; it will be very well worth it!

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