LA Fashion Week

LA Fashion Week

LA Fashion Week, Here We Go (Again)

[quote]Well, yes, so, uh … we’ve moved again.[/quote]

Last season (or maybe it was year … let’s see, it was for LA Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2011, which was in March 2011, does that make sense?) we were at

Then last season, which was LA Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012, we were at FashionWeek.LA, and that was uh, October 2011.

Geez, looks like we finally have that whole “Spring / Summer is in Fall, and Fall / Winter is in Spring”-thing down.

If you have a headache by now, rest assured so do we!

Okay, so now we’ve found our new home,

Now let’s just see if anyone can find it.

Much love, Staff


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