LA Fashion Week Tickets | Tickets to Los Angeles Fashion Week

LA Fashion Week Tickets | Tickets to Los Angeles Fashion Week

How Do You Buy Tickets to LA Fashion Week?


Buying access to LA Fashion Week largely depends on your connection to the fashion industry, but also the type of event you’d like to see.

In New York, you can actually buy packages (see story from that include behind-the-scenes access to fashion week, the twice-yearly week of fashion shows normally reserved for press, buyers and fashion industry peeps.

[quote]In Los Angeles, where fashion week has a more ruggedly individualistic spirit, events combine “industry only” with some that are completely open to the public. Some of these events are free, others are just a ticket-price away.[/quote]

The good news is, some of LA’s most exciting runway shows can be accessed with a ticket purchase, such as Project Ethos (which usually includes musical performances as well as several runways) and Style Fashion Week. Others, such as LA Fashion Weekend, and shows at the California Market Center, are invite-only / industry-only. There are also various “RSVP only” events, which basically means you can go as long as you know about it, and send them an email letting them know to expect you.

See LA Fashion Week Calendar for the latest info.

Have fun at LA Fashion Week!



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