Lindsay Albanese, Celebrity Stylist

Lindsay Albanese, Celebrity Stylist

Interview with Lindsay Albanese, Celebrity Stylist

 by James MacLean

Style Expert Lindsay Albanese has been lending her invaluable style advice to TV and print media, as well as to Hollywood’s most recognizable names for the past 8 years.

Upon graduation of FIDM in Los Angeles with a degree in Fashion Design, Lindsay decided to transition her attention to celebrity styling and has never looked back!

Lindsay’s expertise within various media outlets has awarded her the honor of being one of Hollywood’s most regularly quoted Style Experts. Lindsay prides herself in striving to make sure her clients feel and look their best and always end up on the “Best Dressed” list.

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Q: What prompted you to decide to become a stylist? Why did you get involved in the fashion business?

In 2001 I had a friend who was doing little styling gigs here and there, and it piqued my interest.
[quote]I was going to FIDM and I would go to the Career Center and take every non-paying gig that seemed even remotely like a styling gig.[/quote]

It was interesting. This was a long time ago, when people barely knew what a “stylist” was.

Q: What is your favorite article of clothing or accessory?

Always a killer “statement necklace.” I’m not a “big earrings” girl … unless they’re THAT good. Even so, I always feel weird with big dangling things hanging off my ears.

Q: What’s your typical day, and what’s the most challenging part of the day for you?

It depends. Since my career is split between being an on-camera Style Expert and a wardrobe stylist, I could be waking up and sitting at the computer, putting together segments with my producers, pitching segments, emailing brands, or I’m in the showrooms or my office pulling together things for an upcoming shoot.
[quote]Either way, I’ve got 50 things done by 10 AM. My days are usually a ‘beautiful blur’ of a million tasks, and that’s how I like it.[/quote]

Q: Is there one look that you’ve styled that you might consider your “signature style”?

No, actually. It just depends on the client or job.
[quote]My motto is: ‘Style is all about dressing for your body, personality, and the occasion.'[/quote]

I really try to apply that to each client.

I would say I’m best at styling red carpet, lifestyle, and people who are hosts or on-camera. I have nine years of television styling under my belt, so I know what works and what doesn’t … it’s an extremely different world than editorial styling, where anything goes, pretty much.

Q: What’s the biggest “faux pas” when asked to style a celebrity?

I feel like anything goes, but I would say “dressing them in similar looks that other stylists in the past.”
[quote]When styling a need celeb, you want to make a fresh impression on their look.[/quote]

Q: Have you ever had a designer who refused to send you clothes? Or a celebrity who refused to wear an outfit?

Of course! Pulling clothes is all politics, and getting the best designers is contingent on who the celebrity is, and if the designer feels they want that person representing their collection.
[quote]That’s why really good relationships help![/quote]

Sometimes showrooms will do you a solid for a “lesser” celeb if you’ve placed their clothes on a higher profile celeb in the past.

It’s annoying, but that’s the clothes-slanging business!

I’m a “people person,” so I know how to approach a client when I feel they should wear something, and I know they may not go for it. I’ll never force a client, though.
[quote]I just always say, ‘I know you don’t love it, but can you please just try it on for me?'[/quote]

Many times the client ends up seeing my side, but there have also been times I’ve been proven wrong. It’s all in the creative process, and I’m there to help clients think a little out of the style box.

Q: Who in your opinion has flawless style? Yesterday, today and tomorrow?

[quote]Charlize Theron and Kate Moss all the way. Always elegant … almost like they are floating, if that makes sense.[/quote]

Q: What are some of your favorite shops?

That’s a tough one.
[quote]When I know I need to find something unique in LA, I go to Barneys Co-Op, Neimans, Beckley, Milk, Ressurection, Seilian’s Vintage.[/quote]

I honestly don’t have “one store” that I love all the time

Q: What’s your favorite trend right now? Which trend would you like to see pass?

[quote]I love the all-white look for summer.[/quote]

It’s so clean, elegant and so simplistic! And I’m exhausted of the extreme high-low hem. Bored.

Q: What are you wearing RIGHT now? (Knowing that this is an online / at home interview and nobody’s looking.)

Cotton MONROW shorts (my absolute favorite lifestyle wear designer) and a GAP tank top

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