Mosaic Announces Latest LA Fashion Week Benefit Showcase

Mosaic Announces Latest LA Fashion Week Benefit Showcase

Go “Behind the Seams” with a Night of Fashion and Stories of Hope

[quote]Mosaic has announced a fashion partnership with Habitat for Humanity.[/quote]

What do Mosaic, fashion, and Habitat for Humanity all have in common? The answer is HOPE. Whether it is being built or sewn, it is vital in the mission of both organizations.[/quote]

The Mosaic fashion community has built a successful brand over the last five years with HOPE IN THE CITY – inspiring young designers, engaging the community, and giving back to serve others. While Mosaic and Habitat for Humanity are no stranger to partnering, on March 17th 2012, the two will embark on a new exciting partnership with the launch of #fashion4habitat at FASHION + HOPE to be held at the Mosaic Downtown Arts District Space.

FASHION + HOPE is a groundbreaking fashion event revolutionizing the LA Fashion community with a unique brand of fashion + call to action.
[quote]More than a typical show, FASHION + HOPE invites attendees to exciting fashion and art on the runway AND inspiring “behind the seams” stories that shape what is seen on the runway.[/quote]

The event is informed by the belief that what we do matters, what inspires us to do what we do matters most, and what can be done beyond that is revolutionary. Patrons will be entertained and called to get involved in #fashion4habitat, an online and real life campaign from Fall to Spring LA Fashion week that will raise awareness, funds, and action for three key Habitat for Humanity programs: A Brush With Kindness, Veterans Initiative, and Neighborhood Stabilization Project. Proceeds from both FASHION + HOPE in March and from HOPE IN THE CITY in October will benefit the organization.
[quote]FASHION + HOPE will feature fresh new emerging designers and the daring experimental designers that are the next generation of LA chic.[/quote]

Fashion is the forefront, but Hope takes the spotlight as stories are told and one community comes together to address the needs of the city.

The desire to connect, inspire, and change informs every event Mosaic does. It takes hundreds of volunteers and relationships with scores of talented likeminded people to bring something special to the audience.

[quote]The Mosaic fashion community seeks to inspire many to follow their dreams by giving them a space to display their talents; they are committed to changing the world through the arts.[/quote]


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